HI! Just a bit about who I am and what I do. I started playing clarinet in school too many years ago to talk about (well, recorder first, but nobody wants to talk about that!) and over the years I was introduced to bass and alto clarinet then on to alto, tenor, soprano and baritone saxes and most recently, the Roland AE-10 Wind Synth. In the last few years I have played in the Nightshift Jazz Orchestra, Deep Cove Big Band, Impressions Big Band, Douglas College Dues Band, the VCC Jazz Orchestra, Blazing Saddles, Snowman in Heat and many more. I’ve also subbed for various bands around town.

I’ve taken a number of music courses through Douglas College, and the VSO School of Music. I’ve also done some mentoring with Paul Keeling, Miles Black, and Jodi Proznick.

I’m always looking for new endeavours, and I am available for sub work if you find yourself short a reed horn. Of course that depends on availability. You can contact me by email (the quickest) or any of the other methods found somewhere on this page.

Come visit my webpage and social media often and I can keep you updated on my whereabouts. And maybe drop me a line about any projects you think I might be interested in.